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Mr. Takahiro Funemizu Sensei

Tokyo, Japan

Funemizu-sensei is considered one of a new wave of dynamic Japanese teachers. He is one of the leading young master teachers of Japan’s Meridian Therapy Association.

Sensei Takahiro Funemizu is an Instructor and Clinical Practitioner at Kuretake School of Therapeutics. He is a long time student of Meridian Therapy and studies particularly the Tanba Style taught by Meridian Therapy Society Chairman, Okada Akizo Sensei. Funemizu Sensei treats primarily people with depression, anxiety and mental health associated conditions.

Based on his clinical experience, facial acupuncture is often included in treatments. Funemizu Sensei has found that using facial rejuvenation (especially with women) improves the efficacy of treatments for depression. In addition, he includes many non-invasive techniques in his treatments.